Colour in the kitchen

We all dream about the perfect kitchen, what we would do if we had the chance to renovate? which colours we would choose, or what style would work best in our own home? Over the years people have become a lot braver with their colour choices, we’ve seen lots of statement dark greens and blues in our interior design magazines and we are here to help clients on the journey of discovering their dream kitchen colour.

Our ethos is creating timeless kitchen designs that work with the style of the property. We consider every detail from the hardware to what style of counter top will work best. So, how do we make a rememberable kitchen? Alongside colour, feature lighting can help achieve a focal point; whist clever usage of materials and finishes is a great way to add texture and depth to a space. We love to inject interest with stylish furniture and work with a considered colour palette to keep things fresh.

Our Marylebone townhouse projects had the challenges of being a functional family home but still capturing the client’s love or art and design. Through thoughtful use of materials, we pulled the scheme together by connecting the kitchen colour closely to the tiles. For us this kitchen captures the perfect combination of eclectic sophistication, it feels bold and playful yet refined and grown up.