Inject some Nordic noir into your home this winter…

When we think of Scandinavian design, we typically think of open, minimalist schemes, full of light and decorated in calming, neutral palettes, but Scandi style does have a dark side… and it’s one we shouldn’t be be afraid to tread on.

This edgy take on Scandi interiors has all the elements of classic Nordic design that we know and love – mid-century functionality, lots of natural elements, textural contrast and effortless style – but airy whites and pale tones have been replaced with punchier dark greys and navys, serving up more intrigue than the latest Nordic noir thriller.

With the dark nights drawing in, it’s the perfect time to embrace these darker hues, and try out this brooding palette in your own home. Whether you want to go full noir, or just add a splash of drama, there are many ways to incorporate this trend into your interiors…

In the bedroom, dark walls can help to cocoon the room and create a snug environment that is cool yet inviting. Set off with bright plants or white artwork for contrast and make use of texture to keep things warm and cosy.

In my last post, I explained how headboards can be create a fantastic focal point in the bedroom, and I love this black, bamboo built-in headboard – very functional, moody and textured. Dark colours create the perfect backdrop to display prints, art, photos, mirrors. They make everything on the wall ‘pop’.

If you’re not quite ready to plunge into the deep end, touches of matte black set against stark white are a great nod to this trend.

This classic Scandinavian black and white, open plan living and dining room is beautifully balanced, and effortlessly cool, with a monochrome scheme that is both bright and grounding.

I am a huge lover of navy and blue tones in the home. This dark kitchen in a variety hues creates a truly dramatic effect, but the addition of materials such as reclaimed wood and ceramic, keep it relaxed and offer comfort.

Grey is such a chic, modern colour, and this monochromatic grey scheme is perfect for this minimalist bedroom, complete with soft furnishings in luxurious, contrasting fabrics. This look is all about the layering of both tone and texture – smart and timeless

Scandi design, at its core, is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is no reason functional areas can’t be beautiful – who says a boot room should be ignored? Here, the warm wood and tan leather really warm up the cool, dark grey, perfectly balancing one another, and giving depth to the space.

Quite often I find that people are keen to install darker floors and keep the walls light and neutral. For something a little different, turn the traditional on its head and opt for lighter floors, with all the darker tones up top. How inviting is this space? Light a couple of candles in here and enjoy the ‘hug’ a dark room can give you!