Let’s talk about headboards

One of the most important design decisions we make when designing a bedroom is the headboard. It’s the main focal point in the space and can really define the style of the room instantly. Whether you want a elevate your space or add a statement or some colour, we’re here to help our clients make the most out of their bedroom. Headboard or no headboard? We’ve certainly seen the no headboard trend growing recently, it’s a great way to be creative when designing a bedroom.

If floorspace is on your side, you can go bigger with a headboard design, this could be a built-out shelf to rest artwork on, or a piece of freestanding furniture as an alternative. Incorporating upholstered panels in the design can help add another layer of interest, softening the space but also giving a great opportunity to add a really exciting fabric to reflect the style of the bedroom. Choosing a minimal design approach can be a very Scandinavian statement for laid back living and informal elegance- which we just love!

Photo Credit – Pinterest

A headboard doesn’t have to be contained to the size of your bed, at Cat Dal Interiors we love to push design further, we love the idea of how a headboard can be the striking feature in the space- a real focal point. In a recent residential project, we brought this concept to life by introducing low level leather panels running the full with of the wall to define the bed area. The beautiful tone of the tan leather added warmth against the textured light grey walls, resulting in a sophisticated and relaxing master bedroom. We don’t just consider looks, we look to use materials that will stand the test of time, not only looking good but are easy clean and practical in the home.


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