Our designers guide to lighting

Lighting plays such a big part when we’re designing a space. We feel it’s important to have access to plenty natural light within the home, as it can have such powerful effect on our mood, concentration and general well-being. We design our interiors to embrace natural light when possible and incorporate functional lighting where it’s needed, for example, home office, kitchen prep area or vanity mirror. There’s lots of things as interior designers we can do to help you do to create a calming and positive environment with a few simple lighting tricks.

Mood is everything when creating an interior feel cosy and relaxing. We use a layering lighting technique, which is a combination of different type of lighting helping us to create the right mood at different times of the day. We add table lamps to create a low-level warm ambience to a space, an armed wall light to pin point lighting for reading and hidden LED task lighting to joinery units. We love to highlighting special features in a space, such as artwork or open shelving with accent lighting such as downlighting or direction spots to help create those different lighting levels.


We can help you achieve the right balance of lighting with the use of low-level lamps, to wall light, decorative ceiling pendants and spots with a well thought out lighting design plan to help make the most out of your home.