With every shade a story

As you might have picked up from previous posts, I am currently renting- and this can prove challenging when you are passionate about personalising your home. When I moved into our flat, I was determined to make small but effective changes to inject some colour and spirit into the space- and one of these was replacing the stark white boring lampshades.

Interesting, unique and beautiful lampshades however are not easy to find! I searched high and low.. on every website I could possibly come across, surfing the web obsessively until I stumbled across GLC Green.

GLC Green create products that are hand made using natural and sustainable materials. They also provide decent & fair livelihood for their employees and the surrounding provinces; working for a better community, supporting the local artistry of weaving and crafting and strive to eliminate poverty.

The craft itself is in danger of dying out, as machines are replacing hands, which means new generations may never know of their cultural lineage. At GLC Green they support foundations that support those underprivileged in society, may it be women survivors of human trafficking and abuse, children suffering from mental or physical illness, children suffering from malnutrition and families living under very poor conditions unable to put their kids through school.