Be bold, the right wallpaper for you and your home

Selecting the right wallpaper for your home can be a challenge, we believe wallpaper has the power to really transform a space. It can help breathe in new life and create a striking overall identity, we feel our newly finished townhouse conveys just this. Working with our client, we took them on a journey to unlock the imagination and express their personality through interior design. And we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be safe; it can be a canvas for an artwork and a back drop to something really special. Our living room is where we spend a lot of our time- relaxing, spending time with family or entertaining guests. Above all we want this space to feel comfortable and to reflect you.

Over the years we’ve built up wonderful relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. This has given us the opportunity to get our hands on some truly unique and stylish wallpaper designs. When we choose a wallpaper, we look for style that won’t date, creating welcoming environments that have a warmth and energy. We always consider different ways we can work with wallpaper; it doesn’t have to be applied to every wall; it can be a statement wall, a single accent wall which can still have a great impact.

Our Marylebone family home’s bathroom transports guests to a playful tropical world all through the power of wallpaper and we think it’s definitely a room you won’t forget.