Designing a small garden in London

We’re having glorious weather this spring and summer is fast approaching, so you might be thinking about updating your garden but don’t know where to start? Cat Dal Interiors is here to help you turn your small space into an urban oasis! Not only do we design interiors we also embrace the task of tackling a small garden design. If you’re lucky enough to have green space in the city, it might be time to inject some new life with some stylish lighting and furniture which can enjoyed all year round. The benefit of hiring an interior designer is that we know the best suppliers to go to for your dream outdoor furniture!

Planning is key to a successful small garden; it will help maximise and make the most of the space. With our access to CAD programs we can draw up your small space to scale, so you can see what exactly what you’re getting and the space we have to work with. Together we can assist you with the architectural aspects of your garden, figuring what layout works best, what materials to use and most importantly how best to make the space will work for you. You might have heard the term ‘zoning’ but this is really a great way to achieve a successful garden design. Using this technique, we can discover the best outdoor dining spot, the best area for lounge chairs and even practical storage locations. We feel a garden should take visitors on a journey and the design should effortless flow from interior to exterior.

Once we’ve got a working layout our client is happy with, we can start on the exciting part- shopping! We’re so impressed with the range of outdoor furniture that is available these days- outdoor furniture is certainly making its comeback. Whether you’re looking for an off the shelf dining set or luxurious bespoke bench seating, we know how to make this into a reality. We want our garden design to reflect the lifestyle of our clients and family who live there- From BBQ ‘s to fire pits or sun loungers to pagodas, we can work up a design to make these times spent in our gardens memorable.

We never overlook lighting, creating an atmosphere with well thought out lighting plan is a priority. Exterior lighting is just as important as in the interior, adding those important details such as pathway spots, fencing downlighting or overhead festoon lighting will make those summer alfresco evening extra special.