How nature inspires our Interior Design

At Cat Dal Interiors we feel it’s important to have a bright and happy home. Nature plays a big part of our design ethos, as we believe something as simple as injecting greenery into a space can boost a positive well-being and help root us closer to nature. We use our knowledge of indoor plants to add depth and character to a space. We position, layer and style planting to help bring a space to life. We also find hanging plants are a great way of adding that extra level of décor!

Through the power of design, we like to showcase nature’s natural form, beauty and colour in a way that fits the homeowner’s lifestyle and environment. We use creative design techniques with timbers, natural materials and sunlight to connect our clients closer to nature. Interior design gives us many opportunities to embrace the outdoors and we like to have fun when designing a scheme. In this beautiful master bedroom we captured the essence of nature by adding leafy prints and patterned textiles such as cushion covers and bed linen.

We’ve heard the term ‘bringing the outside in’, from experience it’s a theme many of us would like to achieve in our homes. Recently we had the challenge of creating a seamless transition between the outside and in at our beautiful Primrose Hill project. With clever use of architecture, we were allowed to blur the lines between interior and exterior. We created a unique way of living for our client, which we know will be enjoyed by the whole family in the summer months.

If you are luckily enough to have garden space, it makes sense if we make use of all surfaces. We did just this in our Imperial Wharf project, by adding a green wall we turned this small outdoor space into a flourishing sanctuary for our client. Green walls are the perfect opportunity to really achieve something striking, using thick tropical plants and full foliage you can really inject some life and soul. London is the perfect place to try and create a tropical garden as you need quiet a warm microclimate!