Designing a small garden in London

We’re having glorious weather this spring and summer is fast approaching, so you might be thinking about updating your garden but don’t know where to start? Cat Dal Interiors is here to help you turn your small space into an urban oasis! Not only do we design interiors we also embrace the task of tackling a small garden design. If you’re lucky enough to have green space in the city, it might be ti ...view more

The art of Scandinavian living

We often get asked what is Scandinavian living to us? We believe it’s the ability to balance clean lines and function with welcoming texture and warmth. Cat Dal Interiors is rooted in the Scandinavian design ethos, we strive to create interior spaces that maximise and improves the daily lifestyle of their inhabitants while still embracing the hygge philosophy. What does hygge mean firstly? Hygg ...view more

How to design your home office

As working from home becomes the new normal for some of us, it’s looking more likely we will be settled into our new way of life for the foreseeable future. Even as things slowly get back to normal it is likely that more employers will see the benefits of more flexible working practices and allow people to work from home for at least some of the time. We believe now might be the time to look in ...view more

Coronavirus: How to modify your office safely

As Interior Designers we’re looking in to what we can do to help others in our current situation- we’ve always believed Interior Design has transformational effects on our well- being and happiness, but now due the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s more important than ever that our interiors adapt to our new way of livin ...view more

A designer’s guide to styling shelving

At Cat Dal Interiors we see a project through from start to finish, assisting our client through all fundamental stages and helping advise on all those difficult design decisions! We’re there every step of the way on the design journey in achieving a dream home. We embrace all the design stages from initial han ...view more

How to be confident with colour

It’s amazing how the use of colour in our surrounding can change the way we feel, it’s one of the reasons we love Interior Design. Our environments can make us happy, lift our mood and help inspire us in our daily lives. At Cat Dal Interiors we believe colour is a powerful communication tool, it directly connects us to our feelings and emotions. We strive to develop colour palettes that have posit ...view more

How nature inspires our Interior Design

At Cat Dal Interiors we feel it’s important to have a bright and happy home. Nature plays a big part of our design ethos, as we believe something as simple as injecting greenery into a space can boost a positive well-being and help root us closer to nature. We use our knowledge of indoor plants to add depth and character to a space. We position, layer and style planting to help bring a space to li ...view more

Our guide to Scandinavian furniture

We love going on the search for beautiful pieces of furniture for our clients, from antique shops to vintage markets. We feel a stand-out antique can really help elevate a space and work alongside contemporary design. When it comes to Scandinavian furniture design, there’s more to it than meets the eye! As designers’ the choices we make are deliberate and the function is fundamental to us. Scan ...view more

Colour in the kitchen

We all dream about the perfect kitchen, what we would do if we had the chance to renovate? which colours we would choose, or what style would work best in our own home? Over the years people have become a lot braver with their colour choices, we’ve seen lots of statement dark greens and blues in our interior design magazines and we are here to help clients on the journey of discovering their dream ...view more