Succulents, cacti, botanicals, I’ve found greenery heaven.

Stumbling through East London last Saturday on a drizzling windy afternoon, the clouds suddenly parted and the sun gloriously came out over Conservatory Archives- the shop you NEED in your life.

With old school jazz playing in the background, patterned moroccan tiles on the floor and an abundance of house plants and small trees, the space feels like the living room garden oasis you’ve always wanted to create.

So many textures, heights, shades of green and ease of care, there is something for everyone. Fig Leaf trees, cacti, succulents, hanging strings of beads or magnificent botanicals, plants make fantastic gifts, so if you are looking for something, pop down and be inspired- you won’t regret it.

Conservatory Archives, 493-495 Hackney Road

Whats your favourite houseplant? Leave a comment and let me know!